Qualified Sales Leads. Guaranteed.

You define 'qualified.' We deliver appointment-ready or appointment-scheduled leads to your specifications.

We offer marketing solutions developed to meet your company's unique needs.

More sales. Faster close. Higher ROI on marketing and lead generation.

Whether you want to fill the seats at an event or fill your sales pipeline, you know that body count isn’t enough. A million-name list of contacts that have no need for your solution can't and won't benefit your company.

People buy when a need or desire becomes strong enough to override their resistance to buying. You either speak to the specific pain your prospect faces, or you get ignored. It’s that simple.

Most lead generation, lead nurturing, and marketing automation solutions fail miserably because they rely on volume of leads instead of qualifying and segmenting those leads. The only way to win in today’s information-rich market is for your prospects to self-select into your sales funnel by problem, pain or desire. That is, they tell you that they have a pain, problem, need or desire that you can uniquely solve. That’s what we mean by “pain-based” leads.

What Sets Us Apart

We Guarantee Leads

Our leads aren't just guaranteed to your requirements, they're guaranteed to need what you're selling.

We Can Nurture Unqualified Leads

If a target doesn't quite meet your qualifications, but they're an ideal prospect, we'll nurture them for you.

"Pain-based" Qualification

All of our qualified prospects are guaranteed to have a "pain" that your company can help resolve.

Proprietary Web-based System

Our web-based outreach system was built from the ground up for one purpose: to deliver guaranteed, qualified leads.

Demand Generation

Get only qualified,
pain-based leads.

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Event Attendance

Get qualified, pain-based
attendees for your events.

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Predictive Analytics and Research

Find your best prospects.
Build your brand.

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Predictive Analytics and Research

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