Demand Generation

You define ‘qualified.’ We deliver appointment-ready or appointment-scheduled leads to your specifications.

Qualified Sales Leads. Guaranteed.

On average, companies stay with a lead generation company for only three months because that’s the minimum contract. We still have customers who started with us at our founding.

If something works, you stick with it. We give you highly-qualified, “ready-to-buy” leads month-after-month. Each lead has acknowledged a specific pain that matches your solution. We call this “pain-based” demand generation because we give you only those leads that have self-identified a specific pain, problem, or need that you are uniquely qualified to fix. They almost beg you to sell to them.

Other companies “guarantee” leads, but put the burden of qualifying the lead into your hands. That’s a horrid waste of your time and money. We guarantee that you’ll get pre-qualified leads, so that your rejection rate is a fraction of what you’ll get elsewhere.

Because we focus on quality instead of quantity of leads, we can place those with the greatest need at the top of your list. The onus is on us to qualify leads first so that you can focus on selling.

Why Choose ViaMetric

  • Guaranteed Qualified Sales Meetings
  • Experience and Expertise to Handle Any Marketing Campaign
  • Multiple Levels of Event Support
  • Predictive Research that Drives Revenue
  • Time Tested Predictive Research Strategy

Demand Generation Customized for Your Market

A Proprietary Web-Based System

We use a sophisticated and proprietary system to find the “hand-raisers” who meet your qualifications. Non-qualified leads are nurtured until qualified. That’s why we’re the only company today that can guarantee the qualification of every appointment you receive from us.

We even guarantee the quality of each sales meeting we produce, based on whether or not the prospect is in a position to buy. To us, they’re not ‘qualified’ if they’re not able and ready to buy. And, if they’re not qualified, you don’t pay.

Three Demand Generation Options to Choose From

We offer three options that let you find the leads that meet your exact needs.

Guaranteed Lead Characteristics Appointment-Ready Appointment-Facilitated Appointment-Scheduled
Has acknowledged interest/pain/need by response
Is in specified industry
Has specified decision-maker title
Is at company of specified size
Has requested follow-up directly, or indirectly
Has accepted, and attends, scheduled appointment
Meets any additional specified qualification requirements
Meets specified budget criteria
Meets specified purchasing authority criteria
Meets specific timeline criteria

How Our Demand Generation System Works

There are five main reasons that we’re able to guarantee the leads you get from us:

  1. We are driven by your revenue goals, not ours.
  2. We use a proprietary process of market segmentation and outreach to generate hand-raisers, and our inside sales teams fully qualify all leads.
  3. We closely monitor and manage the process to specific conversion metrics, defined by you.
  4. Our cost per lead is often less than what you’re spending today, and they’re better qualified.
  5. And, we’ll start the flow of highly-qualified meetings to your sales team within one to two weeks.

Here’s the best part

The cost of our leads are less than the ‘unqualified’ leads you’ll get from other services, and you won’t waste time and money on irrelevant or out-of-date leads. If you have any doubts about cost, give us your quote from the other company and we’ll beat their rates.

Why nearly 7 out of 10 sales appointments
become active prospects in your pipeline

Create Data

We first create a highly scrubbed database of contacts that combines your lists with our 10 million+ database and other appropriate databases. We conduct a thorough analysis and segment the database based on your specifications, and in particular the specific “pains” faced by your customers.

Find Hand-Raisers

We use a combination of technologies to find people that meet your quality criteria and identify with the specific pain that you solve. They actively “raise their hands” in response to our queries.

Level 1

Deliver the lead. If you’ve opted for Level 1 leads, this is when you’ll receive your leads.

Level 2

Set Sales Appointment. If you’ve opted for Level 2 (Qualified Appointment), our call center will make the initial call to the lead and schedule the appointment with your sales team. This is our most popular option.

Level 3

Filter and Screen Leads. With Level 3, our inside sales team will conditionally qualify a lead based on demographics, interest level and other criteria you specify. If they don’t meet all the criteria, we send them through a nurturing system until they either qualify or are eliminated. If they meet the qualifications, we’ll set the appointment, confirm the meeting with the prospect on the day of the call, and reschedule the meeting if missed by the prospect.

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