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You define ‘qualified.’ We invite and deliver attendees to your specifications.

Webinar, Seminar & Live Event Registration

We will fill your webinar or event with pain-based, qualified leads. Guaranteed.

When you’re hosting a marketing or sales event, whether it’s a Webinar or a live event, it’s never good enough to simply fill the attendee list with names.

You want real, live people in attendance who are fully engaged with you and the material. Many firms can give you a full roster. They’ll hand you lists of “people who have expressed an interest” in your subject. Telemarketers will pester people until they sign up, just to get the telemarketer off their back.

What you end up with is a mostly-empty event with a host of no-shows.

That will never happen with ViaMetric. We use the exact same proprietary “pain-based” process used for demand and lead generation, but with a twist. We drive towards a specific schedule and targeted outcomes, and keep at it until we meet your targets with truly qualified attendees — people who not only have an interest in your subject, but also have a definite and real need based on a currently aggravating problem.

Fill Your Event

Our Formula for Success

Adapt the Program

First, we adapt our program with you to your revenue goal and manage the process to your standard lead conversion metrics. We establish the number and profile of deals needed to meet your targets and determine the number and type of opportunities required to drive that number of deals. We extrapolate the number of qualified (and guaranteed) leads we need to drive that number of deals.

Utilize the Data

Then we create the programs necessary to achieve the desired results. This includes perfecting the data, matching the message to market “pain” and establishing the qualification parameters. We scrub your data, combine it with our more than 10 million company database, and use both direct and web-based systems to generate qualified “hand-raisers.”

Deliver Results

Our experienced inside sales teams drive fully-profiled opportunities from the qualified hand-raisers. Unqualified leads and contacts are nurtured through targeted events and webinars we do on your behalf. That’s how we guarantee targeted outcomes.

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