Predictive Analytics and Research

You define ‘parameters.’ We deliver insights and outcomes that drive sales.

Predictive Analytics and Research is Much More Than You Think

Brand Messaging, product pricing, lead optimization, new product development, conversion rate optimization and even mergers and acquisitions… These are the tough decisions made easier with the proprietary Predictive Analytics tool set that Viametric offers its clients...

Our customers face tough business decisions every day, not the least of which involves getting new customers and gaining market share.

Our scientific approach to demand generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring naturally led us to extend these same analytical and mathematically-precise instruments to our proprietary Predictive Analytics tool set (predictive modeling, machine learning and data mining).

Things like conjoint analysis, discrete choice complicated scoring algorithms, and k-means clustering aren’t usually top of mind when marketing managers ask for methods to understand their markets better.

And, yet, these are additional statistical methods that we employ when the need arises to enhance the predictive modeling process and improve the power of prediction because we know that you don’t want us to tell you what you already know. Instead of “survey results,” we’ll give you a powerful predictive model which will provide:

  • The names, email addresses and phone numbers of your best prospects: those with a greater than 75% probability of having a pain aligned to your product, the budget to make a purpose, and the potential to buy within the next 30-90 days…
  • The ability to re-tool your brand image and messaging to remain top of mind with your prospects and customers…
  • Access to new converts that relate to your brand’s uniqueness and value proposition…
  • A heads-up on how to best price your products or bundle products and services…
  • And, insight into new products or services that can expand your business in the future.

Proprietary Predictive Analytics program will help you to……

  • Find your “best” prospects
  • Improve your Brand recognition and the Power of your Brand
  • Predict future pricing options, including the option to increase product prices without losing customers
  • To secure funding
  • To retain market share and ultimately grow market share using the modeling outcomes
  • To decide on the ultimate value of a business merger and/or acquisition

Advanced Predictive Analytics and Research

Customer/Market Segmentation

One of the mainstays of our unique approach to Predictive Analytics is our proven segmentation outcomes by combining Predictive Analytics with k-means clustering methodology to identify and profile your “best” customer segments - those with a greater than 75% probability of meeting the following criteria:

  • Pain aligned to your product or service.
  • Budget available to make a purchase.
  • Potential to purchase within the next 30-90 days

The unique lead scoring algorithm we create for you is guaranteed to be accurate within +/-5%. And using our proprietary scoring models you can match back to any demographically-enriched business database to drive marketing campaigns.

Predictive Mix Marketing Analytics

Using our proprietary Predictive Analytics methodology and unique research design, we’ll help you to:

  • Help you drive measurable improvements in your Marketing bottom line by quantifying the short and long term impact of various types of messaging across various media channels and insure that the most compelling messages are delivered to the right customers or prospects using the optimal media channels
  • Position your brand to “top of mind” among the highest scoring prospects
  • Determine the market perception of your brand.
  • Discern market valuation of your brand compared to competitors.
  • Re-tool your brand image and messaging to maintain leadership.
  • Close the gap on your nearest competitors.
  • Gain new converts to your brand.


Our proprietary Predictive Analytics programs will help you with the many difficult strategic or business decisions you’re faced with:

  • The type and quality of products or services offered.
  • Whether or not to bundle services and products.
  • Which products to develop and which ideas to scrap.
  • Should you increase or decrease prices?

Conjoint Analysis and Discrete Choice are sophisticated mathematical research tools that we use in combination with predictive modeling to help companies make the right decisions about product, pricing, messaging and, even acquisitions.


Viametric also specializes in the application of Predictive Analytics to consumer research, including brand analysis, brand messaging, consumer segmentation studies and competitive gap analysis. Employing its powerful Predictive Analytics tool set, Viametric has demonstrated expertise in consumer product research and product placement, especially in the following areas: durable and non-durable goods, retail banking and wealth management, grocery stores, general retail, restaurants (including food and beverage), consumer electronics, entertainment (music, film and digital media) and mobile communications. Viametric is also one of the leading providers of e-commerce, mobile commerce and social media research.

How It Works

Database Profiling and Cleaning

ViaMetric data scientists will profile your CRM or other transactional databases and prepare your data for the application of predictive modeling and/or machine learning.

Harness the Power of 25 Different Modeling Techniques

Our data scientists will test the validity of up to 25 different modeling solutions on your data resulting in a powerful predictive Model you can use to maximize your sales opportunities.

Segmentation and Predictive Modeling

Statistical modeling and algorithm tools used to create Best Customer Prospect segment, profiled by matching back to large business-info enriched databases.


Connect the data analyses and scoring algorithms back to client's database, marketing and sales process and product development to improve messaging and grow number of sales opportunities.


Client messaging and value propositions are now aligned with what the best prospects want to hear and are optimized to motivate them to purchase in 90 days or less. Customer base increases, turnover to competitors decreases and brand power is maximized.

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